Wine Chief Gets the Gago


Chief winemaker Peter Gago has been appointed the state’s Great Wine Capitals Global Ambassador.

Mr Gago (pictured below) says the appointment will help put South Australia on the map of the global wine industry and have far-reaching benefits. “Elevating the state’s wine profile on an international stage increases the exposure for our premium wine labels and raises the bar for us as a wine capital,” he says.

“We’re now benchmarking against regions like Bordeaux and this gives us the opportunity to learn from their experience and insights.”

Adelaide last year joined the network of 10 major global cities that share a key economic and cultural asset — their internationally-renowned wine regions.

The state’s membership stands alongside some of the world’s best, including San Francisco and its famed Napa Valley and Bordeaux in France.

The appointment, announced in March, comes as a new international partnership between Adelaide University and Bordeaux’s KEDGE Business School — an institution renowned for its wine business expertise — was revealed.

The collaboration is expected to draw SA students, teachers, researchers and the local wine sector into joint projects, study tours and overseas exchange programs to the acclaimed French wine region.

Adelaide University’s Professor Mark Gabbott says the partnership opened the door for access to global leaders in the wine business.

“As this partnership grows, so too will its potential, providing our current and future students with an unparalleled offering,” Professor Gabbott says.

The announcements are part of the state’s French Engagement Strategy, designed to build on the $2.1 billion in revenue the wine industry generated in 2015-2016, with SA now producing 80 per cent of the nation’s premium wine.